Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back from Vacation

Well, it's official. Dave and I are Vegas people. We went to Vegas on April 30th-May 2nd. We had the best time! Sometimes you just need to get away! We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon, saw the show "O" at the Bellagio (which was the greatest show I have EVER seen), and partied down on Fremont Street (the old strip). It was exhausting but great fun! Here are some pictures so you too can enjoy a trip to Las Vegas. I'm telling you FAB FIVE: As soon as the rest of you guys are done being pregnant we need to take a trip! :)

Dave and I on the plane, for those of you who don't know, I am terrified to fly, but the little bottles of liquor sure helped! :)

The Grand Canyon-South Rim

Dave and I at the Grand Canyon

The Hoover Dam at night
Hef and I hanging out at the wax museum
Dave and I and President Obama

At a fountain outside the Venitian


Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

How fun! glad you had a chance to get away and enjoy some you and Dave time!

Amy said...

Looks like fun! I think a Fab Five trip is a wonderful idea!!! That would be a great "slumber party"!!

Kati said...

If it's anything like our trip, there will be very little "slumbering".....