Friday, May 23, 2008


I know my last post was about being sad, but today I found out I got a C in Intermediate Algebra. For those of you who know me, you all know how much I struggled and cried over this class! God Bless my future Brother-in-law, who helped me through these last 2 chapters, (he just graduated and is going to be teaching Math, why anyone would want to do that, I don't know). But, I am COMPLETELY done with Algebra!! Only one more Math class to go (Statistics)!!!!!!!

On a side note, my husband Dave just finished another quarter of school with a 4.0 GPA! I am so very proud of him!!!!!!!

Have a very happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My BFF Laura, is moving to Iowa this weekend. I know it's not as far away as Nashville, which is where she moved the last time, but it is still not here in Omaha with me! :)
She is moving to Des Moines to go to school and be with the love of her life everyday! (Adam)

They are truly a wonderful pair together, but I will miss her! It is a good thing she has a verizon phone too, so that our phone bills won't be too high!

Laura and I have been best friends for almost 12 years. We have been through a lot together and there is nothing that I wouldn't tell her.

Besides my husband, Laura is my rock, the person I can always count on when I need her. That's why she is my daughter's Godmother. And Taryn really loves her Aunt Laura!

In closing I just wanted her to know how proud I am to call her my friend, and I know we will be that way forever.
Do great things with your life and know that I am always here.
Love you!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baseball has started!

Ok, tell me if I am crazy but I just needed to get this off my chest.

Ethan and Alex had their first baseball game last night. Game time was at 5:30. At first I really liked their coaches. They really went over the basics and fundementals of playing the game. I thought it was unusal that they wanted them there 30 minutes before game time to warm-up. Thank goodness I have a sitter that is willing to take them at that time since I don't get off work until 5. Then at the game last night our coaches asked the other team if they would play "3 Out" baseball as opposed to just batting threw the line-up, so that our boys could play "more competively". How competitive do they need to be? THEY'RE 8 YEARS OLD! Plus since there is more than 10 kids on the team (12 total) instead of just sticking the extra kids in the outfield (like every other coach and team my boys have played on) they have 2 of them sit on the bench instead of going out to the field. All I have to say is if it not fun for them now, why would they continue to play??? Why does it have to be competitive? These are the reasons they don't keep score in this age group!

Ok, I'm done venting! Besides that Ethan and Alex played a great game! Both of them hit 2 singles and Ethan hit a double! I was one proud mama!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Busy......

No one probably looks at this anymore but I thought I would post anyway! It has been a BUSY couple of weeks. I will just give you a rundown.

1. Had my last day at H & H. Had a very long "safety meeting" where I spent time with 30 of my closest friends at H & H, I spent half the night having the best time ever and the other half of the night crying my eyes out.

2. Started my new job at Constellation. It been good, but definitley different. It has become more difficult for me to get used to working without being constantly interrupted!

3. Intermediate Alegebra is kicking my ass.

4. Ethan and Alex started baseball practice and games start Saturday.

5. Went to Kearney to have a anniversary party for his parents (40 years) it got over early so we went to Shooters (formerly The Phoenix Club, our old hangout) where we knew the members of the band that were playing so Dave did a little guest drumming. It was so good to see that look of happiness on his face.

6. On the way home I had some sort of reaction where I lost all feeling in my body and spent some time in the hospital in York.

7. Went back to Kearney last weeked for the band Sweetwater's reunion show. Got to see a lot of old friends.

8. Driving home my mom calls and my Dad is in the hospital with another possible heart attack. He spends 3 days there for them to say they don't know what happened but it wasn't another heart attack!

9. Intermediate Alegebra is still kicking my ass.

That has been my last couple weeks in a nut shell. Hope to catch up with you all soon!

Have a good weekend!