Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baseball has started!

Ok, tell me if I am crazy but I just needed to get this off my chest.

Ethan and Alex had their first baseball game last night. Game time was at 5:30. At first I really liked their coaches. They really went over the basics and fundementals of playing the game. I thought it was unusal that they wanted them there 30 minutes before game time to warm-up. Thank goodness I have a sitter that is willing to take them at that time since I don't get off work until 5. Then at the game last night our coaches asked the other team if they would play "3 Out" baseball as opposed to just batting threw the line-up, so that our boys could play "more competively". How competitive do they need to be? THEY'RE 8 YEARS OLD! Plus since there is more than 10 kids on the team (12 total) instead of just sticking the extra kids in the outfield (like every other coach and team my boys have played on) they have 2 of them sit on the bench instead of going out to the field. All I have to say is if it not fun for them now, why would they continue to play??? Why does it have to be competitive? These are the reasons they don't keep score in this age group!

Ok, I'm done venting! Besides that Ethan and Alex played a great game! Both of them hit 2 singles and Ethan hit a double! I was one proud mama!!!

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Michelle said...

I'm with you Kati-that's just plain lame. What 8 year old needs to be that competitive? They push little kids too hard these days, let the boys have fun already!!!! You go girl!
On another note, can't believe we'll all be gathering to reminisce in less than two months----looking forward to it!!!