Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And the Worst Wife of the Year goes too.....

ME!!!!! On Saturday night, my so helpful husband helped me unload the Pathfinder after bringing some stuff home for the kids from my Mom and Dad. How did I repay him? By shutting his hand in the Pathfinder's tailgate....causing this....

He has a carpel/metacarpel dislocation. Basically it means that he torn the bone for his pinky out of the wrist and it got shoved under his ring finger. See XRAY picture below. The pen marks are where the bone is supposed to be sitting. Yeah, not good. He has surgery scheduled for Monday. They will hang his hand with weights and pop the joint back into place. they will then put in a screw from the outside of his hand through the bone to hold it in place while the ligaments scar down. Once that has been done (approx 4 weeks) they will remove the screw. So he's in the Splint for the next 4-6 weeks. Yep, I feel pretty bad about this one! Send your prayers for a quick recover for him!

Friday, August 19, 2011

1st day of school - 2011

I can't believe it's time to start another school year! Andrew is in 8th grade this year (Yikes! only 1 more year until high school!) Ethan and Alex are entering the middle school in 6th grade, and Taryn is the last Christensen kids at Westridge in
2nd grade! Their growth just amazes me. They are such smart, kind children and I feel so blessed every single day to be their mom!




Right after this picture was taken is when the boys refused to hug me outside of the car...

And, the best story of the day came about when I wanted to take this picture of Taryn with her new teacher Mrs. Hauge..

Me: Taryn I want to take your picture with your teacher..

Taryn: Mom!!! You're embarrassing me!!

Me: Just one more picture...

Taryn: Fine..(insert big sigh here)

Me: Say Cheese! (click)

Taryn: Ok Mom, that's can go now!

Me: "Tears"
I hope everyone had a great start to their school year too!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Davis v. 39.5

On June 18th, I threw Dave a surprise 1/2 birthday party! He will be 40 in Decemeber so I figured he wouldn't expect a party in June! He was super surprised and we had a really good time that night! Here are some pictures of his party!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am always proud of my children, everyday, but at the end of this school year, I'm going to recognize my Alex. He managed to rack up 5 awards for their end of the school year! He got perfect attendence, participant in Battle of the Books, high Recorder unit scores, A Presidential Academic Achievement award, and the Good Citizenship Award for his 5th grade class. Alex is a sweet, sensitive and caring boy who is going to grow up into a wonderful man someday. He has such a big heart, is so willing to care for others, and has no fear when it comes to people who are different from him. Congrats Alex, you made your family very proud today!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I'll admit it...I have become totally obsessed with couponing lately. I watched that show Extreme Couponing...and I do they do that? So with the help of several blogs, and a book called "How to Shop for Free", I have become a couponer. Granted, I don't ever want to be a hoarder, or EVER have a use for 1000 tubes of toothpaste just because they were free, I am a firm believer in saving a buck. I made my lists, gathered my coupons and set out for the store last night. I WAS AMAZED at how much I saved! I bought 91 items, at a total retail value of $275.56, after coupons and price matching I spent 158.96!!! That's a 44% savings! And this was just my first trip ever doing this!!!! I can think of a lot of things to do with that extra $120 bucks!!!! I know this takes some time to sort and get things ready for a trip to the store, but when you are feeding a family of 6, saving money is a GOOD thing!

This is the kids helping me sort coupons for our trip!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!!! (A little early)

My beautiful daughter will turn 7 years old on Sunday! I'm posting this a little early because we have quite the birthday weekend planned and I'm not sure if I would have any more time to post it! We are starting her birthday celebration with getting her ears pierced tonight! I am a little nervous about how she will handle it, but she's been counting down the days and really wants to go and get it done! Tomorrow, she is having a party at Clara's Closet in Elkhorn, it is a place that does dress-up parties and she went with the fashion show theme. They get their nails and makeup done and then pick out outfits and perform a show! I think I'm looking forward to it as much as she is! Then on Saturday night she is having her best friend Kaelie spend the night for her first sleepover! Then on Sunday we are having the family over for lunch and presents. WHEW!!!! I'm tired just thinking about it....but it will be totally worth it! Here are some tidbits about my daughter right now:

1. She LOVES to read, and is reading at a 4th grade level right now

2. She thinks that life isn't fair since her brothers get to stay up later than her since they are older

3. She hates the rain

4. She has a wonderful flair for the dramatics...(not sure if this is good)

5. She still loves to sit next to people and cuddle, and those moments I still treasure as I know they will become fewer as she gets older

6. She loves to play outside with her brothers and their friends

7. She goes to dance 2 times a week and is the only one in her class that knows the entire dance for her recital and tends to direct while she's there

8. She has the most beautiful hazel eyes just like her daddy

9. She is definitely NOT a morning person

10. She is the smartest, most beautiful, sweetest little girl EVER!!!! (I might be a little biased)

God blessed me with this perfect baby girl and I consider myself so lucky to call her mine!! Happy Birthday Taryn Johanna!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taryn's concert...

Last night was Taryn's first grade music concert. She had her first speaking part!! She did such a fantastic job! At last I have a non-stage fright child! A few pictures to commerate her great job!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Andrew!!!!

How is it that my precious baby boy is 14 years old?? Only one short year away from being behind the wheel? I am so very blessed to have Andrew as my son. He has struggled and fought his way through pain that no child should ever feel and become the young man I always knew he could be. Don't get me wrong, he is a teenager for sure!!! But, as my Mother-in-Law tells me...he truly is a Mini-Dave!!! He has such a sweet smile and eyes that will get you every time!!! Happy Birthday my son!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan and Alex!!!! (a little late)

On February 18th, Ethan and Alex celebrated their 11th Birthday!!! How is it possible that my babies are 11? It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I looked at their smiling baby faces and knew that I would love them and carry them in my heart as my own sons. They are truly a blessing in my life! They have the energy that I only wish I could have and such caring hearts! When I hear people talk about them my heart swells with pride that I have such great boys, who never put anyone down, will include everyone in their lives, and who always puts other first. When these boys get older (MUCH older...I'm thinking 30...) some girls are going to be very lucky to have them in their lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOYS!!!

They each had a friend spend the was a lot of fun!

They got a room remodel for their birthday...

The birthday boys....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary Davis!!!!

I can't believe that it's my Anniversary again! Every year I right about the greatest things about my husband, it's hard to believe that this year will be 9 years!!! Where does the time go? I also had a good time this year finding all sort of pictures of Dave and I througout the years, they are posted on my facebook so take a look if you get a chance....

The 9 greatest things about Dave....

1. I love how much our sons resemble him in attitude, I will be grateful to have them grow up to be the kind of man Dave is.

2. He goes above and beyond to make sure I feel safe all the time.

3. Watching him sing.

4. The fact that he can understand how I'm feeling just by looking at me.

5. He gives the best hugs!

6. The way he is willing to sacrifice his wants to put ours first.

7. He cooks!!!! (thank goodness, because I really don't)

8. The way he watches the kids when they play's like they are at Madison Square Garden instead of the living room.

9. The fact that he lets me share his life with him!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

This past weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday with a party out a Jack's Place. I was so lucky to have so many of my friends and family out to celebrate with me! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! A couple of pictures of the night out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Part 2

Well, now that we have the holiday season behind us, I can finally breathe again! We went to Lincoln on Christmas Eve for church and to spend some time with my dad and grandparents. It was the first time in several years that we were all together. Minus my niece Abbi who was at her dad's. :( As I knew and prepared for, this Christmas will probabaly be the last with my grandparents. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and for my children to have really known their great-grandparents. It was also good for the kids to spend time with Grandpa Steve, Grandma Terri, Aunt Kelsey and Uncle David. They of course, think Uncle David is the greatest, he will wrestle, play games, etc...all the things that a 17 year old has the energy for!!! Christmas day was spent in the morning just with our family, then Rachael and Mick came over as well as my Aunt Gail for dinner and to just hang out. I feel incredibly blessed each and every holiday season, I hope you do too!!!
P.S. Thanks to my friend Rachael Carlson, I too found a way to add a slideshow to my blog! It sure went faster than uploading the 15 photos I wanted to include! :)