Friday, August 19, 2011

1st day of school - 2011

I can't believe it's time to start another school year! Andrew is in 8th grade this year (Yikes! only 1 more year until high school!) Ethan and Alex are entering the middle school in 6th grade, and Taryn is the last Christensen kids at Westridge in
2nd grade! Their growth just amazes me. They are such smart, kind children and I feel so blessed every single day to be their mom!




Right after this picture was taken is when the boys refused to hug me outside of the car...

And, the best story of the day came about when I wanted to take this picture of Taryn with her new teacher Mrs. Hauge..

Me: Taryn I want to take your picture with your teacher..

Taryn: Mom!!! You're embarrassing me!!

Me: Just one more picture...

Taryn: Fine..(insert big sigh here)

Me: Say Cheese! (click)

Taryn: Ok Mom, that's can go now!

Me: "Tears"
I hope everyone had a great start to their school year too!


Amy said...

Westridge? That sounds familiar!

Your kids look so big! Don't worry...some day many years down the road they won't mind being "embarrassed" by you. Hope they had a great first week!

Rachael C said...

Beautiful Kids!! Are we getting old or what?