Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Busy......

No one probably looks at this anymore but I thought I would post anyway! It has been a BUSY couple of weeks. I will just give you a rundown.

1. Had my last day at H & H. Had a very long "safety meeting" where I spent time with 30 of my closest friends at H & H, I spent half the night having the best time ever and the other half of the night crying my eyes out.

2. Started my new job at Constellation. It been good, but definitley different. It has become more difficult for me to get used to working without being constantly interrupted!

3. Intermediate Alegebra is kicking my ass.

4. Ethan and Alex started baseball practice and games start Saturday.

5. Went to Kearney to have a anniversary party for his parents (40 years) it got over early so we went to Shooters (formerly The Phoenix Club, our old hangout) where we knew the members of the band that were playing so Dave did a little guest drumming. It was so good to see that look of happiness on his face.

6. On the way home I had some sort of reaction where I lost all feeling in my body and spent some time in the hospital in York.

7. Went back to Kearney last weeked for the band Sweetwater's reunion show. Got to see a lot of old friends.

8. Driving home my mom calls and my Dad is in the hospital with another possible heart attack. He spends 3 days there for them to say they don't know what happened but it wasn't another heart attack!

9. Intermediate Alegebra is still kicking my ass.

That has been my last couple weeks in a nut shell. Hope to catch up with you all soon!

Have a good weekend!

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