Thursday, August 20, 2009

It can't be that time already!!!!

Here it is, the start of another school year, but this year is so special because my baby girl is headed off to Kindergarten! It seems like yesterday that I took her into that school when she was 3 weeks old for Andrew's show and tell in the same Kindergarten classroom, with the same teacher that he had. Now Andrew is off to the middle school with a class schedule and a locker and Taryn is in Kindergarten. I thought I would do Ok, but last night as I was laying out their first day of school clothes and having Ethan try on his shorts to make sure they fit ok, he looked so grown up and so much like Dave that I started to cry, and then everything made me cry this morning. Putting the barrettes in Taryn's hair and getting her dressed, she just looked so pretty that I cried then too! She of course walks out into the living room with all her drama and puts her hand on her hip and proclaims "Dad, Mom is crying because I look so pretty." I got pretty choked up dropping Andrew off at the Middle School, knowing that I wasn't going to walk him in, and he was going to be on his own. That was a tough moment. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the kids off to school!

All the kids

Andrew-6th Grade

Ethan-4th Grade

Alex-4th Grade



Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Your kids cannot possibly be that old! Hope they had a great day!!

jjharris said...

Wow, the kids are getting so big! Taryn did look pretty enough to make you cry :) I don't think it ever gets easy that first day of school. It just makes you realize how fast they are growing up. Watching Tanner go into 8th grade I realized I only have 5 years left with him, not long enough :(