Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my babies!


You know, when you hear the phrase "they grow up so fast" it really doesn't mean anything until you have kids of your own and you realize how very true that is! Ethan and Alex had just turned 1 year old when Dave and I started dating and today they turned 8 years old!!!!

Dave and I spent a very looooong afternoon yesterday with Ethan and Alex and NINE of their closest friends at the movie theater. It did bring back many memories of the birthday parties I had as a kid.

I couldn't tell you the number of times I had a party at Skate Island, or Super Bowl. We also had a lot of slumber parties, but my favorite party was when I was allowed to invite 2 friends and we came to Omaha, got our hair done, went to a fancy dinner and stayed all night in a hotel! So, me, Wendy and Tara had the best time! It must have been my 11th or 12th birthday since I was still in grade school.

Yesterday as I constantly reminded kids to stay with us, quiet down, quit throwing the stuffed puppy around, I thought what a good memory this will be for my boys!



Davis said...

Damn stuffed puppies.....(it happened to be a Webkin by the way....) Damn stuffed puppies.

Now I know why some mothers eat their young.....

NEVER again.

Davis said...