Monday, March 17, 2008

My Brother the Star!

This weekend I attended the musical at the high school I went to that now my brother is a freshman at. I felt very nostalgic being there watching my brother perform on the same stage that I did 10 years ago. It doesn't seem like it's been that long! They have got some power house singers in that school! I was VERY impressed!
It was also the first time that my kids have been to a musical. It was a very long show from about 7:30-til almost 10 with a 15 minute intermission. I was SO VERY PROUD OF THEM! They were so enchanted by everything that was going on that they didn't even move! The music, the lights, the costumes and they of course loved the cookies at intermission!

We went to the show on Saturday night. But, my dad had an extra ticket for Sunday's show so me, my dad and Kelsey went back for a second time! This time we sat in the center of the 2nd row and everytime my little brother came out on stage Kelsey and I made "jazz hands" at him. At one point he did start to laugh and had to look away from us!

I was so glad I had the opportunity to share this with my family. I had such a good time doing musicals in High School that I hope my kids will love it as much as I do!

So in ending.....YOU ARE AWESOME DAVID! I was proud to sit in the audience and watch you carry on a great tradition in true Wilson family fashion! I love you!

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