Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Improvements

I hate painting. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my shoulders hurt and I pulled a couple muscles. We spent the holiday weekend painting two rooms of our house and moving furniture around and trying to keep my patience with my children. We created a new room for our twins and another room for our oldest son. Once we finished Andrew's room last night at about 9 pm I looked around it thinking, Oh my, his room really looks like a pre-teen's room. He has his bed, and his computer desk and his bookshelf, and of course his pirate flag hanging across his wall. It amazes me on how fast he has grown up. It seems like just yesterday that we painted a room blue to match his Finding Nemo bedspread, and now we are painting so he can be in a "grown-up" room. I can't belive how time flies. According to him now all he needs is a TV (yea, right) and it would be perfect.

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Rachael C said...

I'm with you...painting is too much work. Hope the first day of school went well for the boys!