Monday, September 15, 2008

A Reminder...

Last night, as I was coming in from outside, I stood and watched as all four of my kids were clustered around the computer, playing a game and laughing with each other. It was just another reminder of even in the midst of all the fighting and yelling and "he touched my stuff" at some point they really do love each other. Just another reason why I feel so blessed.

On a side note: Ethan and Alex went to "High School Musical" Dance class this weekend. As most of you know, I love to dance and was thrilled when they said they wanted to take this class. I did feel a little bad for them, being the only two boys in all 3 sessions and then watching them having to do a dance to a song called "Fabulous" which is a female song in the show. But, more power to them, they had a great time, and I am thrilled to introduce them to dance.

Alex has also surprised me lately, he has a little toy keyboard that we got him for Christmas a couple of years ago and has really been after me to teach him some songs. So I taught him the song "Heart and Soul" (if you have ever played the piano you know this song) I taught him the bottom part and the melody. After practicing for a day or so, he now has mastered both, which just amazes me! He of course now wants me to teach him another song, and "Heart and Soul" is pretty much the end of my piano capablilites.

We are hoping that Dave will get this new position that he is applying for and we will be able to enroll him in piano lessons!
More later!

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Erin said...

Kati - i'm glad we've found each other in the blogworld :) thanks for the words of encouragement! i have enjoyed reading about your fam and am always looking for insight from parents who are a little farther down the parenting road then we are :)

that is truly one of the best sounds to hear is the sound of your kids (unprompted) playing together and enjoying one another!