Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An ambitious list

Ok, I'm tired of not having things done so I created an ambitious list of things to be done every day so that I can have my house on the market by next week! Today's list:

1. Scrape paint on outside of the house
2. Repaint spots on exterior
3. Pull weeds on all sides of house
4. Tear down dog house and dog run
5. Replace fence cap and rail
6. Wash down exterior of the house

It's a bit much but I'm hoping by having an ambitious list I will feel better about the things that I do get done!!


Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

That is quite ambitious! Good luck! That stuff isnt fun! :)

Rachael C said...


Mark said...

Hi Kati
Quite a list. Our last house we lived in for 22 years. Just before we sold the house we finished up our original two year remodel plan. (It seemed like.) I guess it's good to be ambitious.
Beautiful kids, by the way.
Mark from Psych class