Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Congrats Amy and Pat!!

Welcome to the World
Kael Victor Nebesniak!!

Yesterday, my very good friend Amy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! He is joining his big sister Deni into the Nebesniak family. I got to go up there last night with my other friend Rachael to visit. I took Taryn with me and when we got there, one of our other friends was there with her daughter. The four of us (Rae, Amy, Jessie, and myself) create 4 of the Fab Five and all of our first born children were girls, so we got a really sweet picture of all of them together.

Thank you for blessing us Amy and Pat with another member of our "extended" family! He turned us from the Fab Five to the Terrific Twenty!!

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Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

Wow, the count is 20 now, huh? :) I hadn't really thought of that! :) Cool! Too funny!! Great pics! I'm glad you girls were smart enough to remember your cameras!