Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 2-Newfound appreciation for my senses..

Here is my second post for my psych class. This weekend I got dirt in my eyes and lacerated my corneas. It really is the worst pain ever! I spent some time in the ER (for the ever intelligent doctor to spend two minutes in the room and go, Yep you scratched your cornea). It does give you a new respect for your other senses though. I spent a lot of time these last few days listening to TV, which I found very frustrating. I really just wanted to see what they were talking about! I also had a really good Ribeye steak that the taste of seemed even more powerful than nomal. I also could hear my kids sneaking up and down the hallway, trying not to disturb me. I do have a great appreciation for my sight right now, I guess it's true, that you never really realize how much you need something until it's gone.

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