Monday, October 27, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son...

As I was sitting here in my office I get a phone call from my son Alex, who said "Mom, I have something to tell you and you are going to be so happy..." I of course wanted to know what this big news was. In September Alex filled out a job application at the school to be a member of his elementary school's new recycling program's team. A couple of weeks ago, he had an interview with the principal and the teacher that is heading up this program. He had a little mock interview with me, so he could practice. He has such great interviewing skills! A trait he no doubt gets from me! :) So he called me today to say that he had gotten the job! He is so excited, and we are so very proud of him! So he is the 3rd grade representative for the recycling program. The only one out of 3 classes! Good Job Alex!!!!!

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