Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Themed Halloween...

For Taryn's first 3 halloween's we had all the kids go together in costume as a theme. I found these pictures and they were so cute I just had to show them all to you!
Taryn's first Halloween: The Wizard of Oz, Taryn was Dorothy (of course), Andrew was the Tin Man, Ethan was the Lion and Alex the Scarecrow.
The 2nd Halloween: Superheros, Taryn was Wonder Woman, Alex was Batman, Ethan was Spiderman and Andrew was Superman.The 3rd Halloween: Captain Jack Sparrow (Andrew) and his band of pirates!Last year we let them pick all their own costumes and didn't make them fit a theme, but seeing these pictures I really need to find another foursome for them to go as! Any suggestions?


Amy said...

I still remember them dressing up as the Wizard of Oz! Too cute!

Rachael C said...

I love the theme idea. They look so cute! Have a great day!